maliciously Fokati rugs are a shag style rug that originated in Greece. Flokati rugs are usually made of wool. It has a long pile or carpet strand resulting in a luxurious cushion feel. Wool is an organic material and needs to be treated with care. You may wonder “How do I clean my flokati rug?” The best way to clean your flokati rug is to have it professionally done. We are trained to treat your flokati rug with care. By using the proper equipment, cleaning solutions, and proven methods your flokati rug will look like the day you brought it home.

pay cytotec This Area Rug Cleaning process includes vacuuming without harmful rotation brushes, testing your flokati rug for colorfastness before any chemical is used. We then stabilize all colors and or patterns in the rug. Flokati rugs offten retain soil and odor due to the long pile length. We use 100% wool safe solutions to break up the soil. We then flush your Flokati rug clean. Lastly we hang the rug to dry in our drying room, avoiding musty smells or the possibility of any bacteria growth.