How to remove pet urine from carpet

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning specializes in Urine stains and urine odor treatment.

We love our pets. Problem is sometimes they urinate inside the home. More Sometimes they just don’t make it outside and sometimes it is our fault we did not let them out. Regardless of the reason, you need to get the stain and odor cleaned and treated. Good news! We specialize in just that.

How to Clean Urine from Carpet?

  1. The first step should be to try and remove as much of the urine as possible. To dry the urine, place some rags or paper towels and place them over the stain applying pressure either with your foot or hand. Continue blotting the area until it is almost dry.
  2. Since pets are attracted to their own urine in carpets and that of other dogs, you can also try placing these rags or paper towels in the area you want him to do his business in. Examples are outside or in a litter box.
  3. You can try and rinse the area with water. It does not need to be hot. Cool water works just fine. Dry again with rags or if you have a wet vac or other similar device you can try using it to pickup excess water. When putting water, rinse the area enough to soak the urine in the carpet but not enough to saturate it so you have a water/mold issue.
  4. Its after rinsing you can find sprays that contains enzymes. Spray the solution as described on the bottle. The spray you use does not matter so long as it is enzymatic that will help break down the odor compounds.
  5. If you are reading other home remedies, disregards the using of vinegar. This will set the stain. It will however remove the urine smell from the carpet. But then your smelling vinegar… I think I would prefer the urine smell. If you reach the point you are considering putting vinegar to remove pet urine odor, consider calling a professional carpet cleaning company.

Should I use a steamer on Urine Stain?

Please do not use a steamer on urine stains. The heat will allow the proteins in the urine to bind to the carpet making them nearly impossible to remove. They will become permanent.[/su_expand]

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