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Kilim Rugs are much different than most other rugs. I would say the biggest difference is that Kilim rugs have no pile. They are not stitched into a backing. This means they are woven into whats called a flat weave. Due to their uniqueness, special care must be used when cleaning Kilim rugs. These types of rugs are always recommend to be cleaned in-plant at our Kilim rug cleaning facility. They are mainly hand dyed with vegetable dyes. If you get them cleaned on-site you run the risk of the colors running and the dyes being removed.

Tālcher Have you had your rug damaged by on-site cleaning?

We offer repair services for Kilim rug re-dying and Kilim rug repair. Due to the way they are made and dyed. Kilim rugs colors and dyes are very delicate and can be harmed if not cleaned professionally. The best way to clean a Kilim rug is with as little liquid as possible. While cleaning your Kilim rug we will put it through an extensive drying and washing process. We will treat your Kilim rug with a color stabilizing solution to make sure we have no color bleeding or streaking. Then we will give a light mist with a PH7 Neutral cleaner that helps break up dirt. We us specialized in plant tool to clean with the utmost care and with complete control of water and moisture.

The drying process is very important. Rugs are hung very carefully, as they are very heavy when wet. They are placed in humidity controlled rooms to prevent bacteria growth. They are monitored for humidity and filtered natural air forced through the room to create good air flow. We never use heat to dry the rugs as this can cause them to shrink. We specialize in Kilim rug cleaning and use in plant methods to achieve best results.

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