When the accident happens, and your pet makes your carpet or rug dirty ACT FAST and scoop up the spill right away as much as possible. Blot the area without rubbing the spot. Use a white absorbent cloth or a white paper towel to remove the excess moisture. THEN CALL US. The sooner you act the easier and therefore less expensive it would be to remove the stains. Do not try to remove the stains yourself by treating them with unknown solutions, chemicals, shampoos, and other one-fit-for-all products. Do not use different chemicals or do-it-yourself stuff in the supermarkets. Do not use trial-and-error cleaning methods on your valued carpets or area rugs.

Our advance equipment is specifically designed to remove pet stains and odor. We use UV lights to find the source of the urine and treat the spots. Carpets can grow bacteria and we use enzymes combined with deep carpet cleaning to clean your carpets completely.

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