Pet urine can often make an area rug smell bad or leave stains. In order to remove pet urine successfully it has to be identified. We accomplish this by using an ultra high powered UV beam that makes the stains glow in the dark. After the damage has been assessed we begin the cleaning. To remove pet urine smell and residue the proper cleaning procedure must be followed. Breaking down the uric acid is essential in removal of foul odor. We use non abrasive enzymes, bacterial cultures, odor modifiers, and neutral cleaners to attack the soiled area and reomve to smell and discoloration. Once the urine has been treated the rug will undergo an extensive rinsing as well as an additional inspection to assure that you have recieved a quality pet urine cleaning. After you rug has been cleared by our specialist it is hung up in our heated low pressure dry room. This ensures that your rug will be cleaned and dried before coming home to you.

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