Natural and Organic Area Rug cleaning. We use child, pet, and eco friendly products.

Area Rug Cleaning

On site or Factory Cleaning? We excel at both! Area rug cleaning can be an easy process! First, let us give our professional option and determine whether or not your area rug is best cleaned in home or at our wash plant.

Due to other various fiber types and soiling levels, area rug cleaning can usually only be quoted on-site by one of our technicians.

Two Methods, Still Best Results!

We always recommend having your area rugs cleaned in our facility to achieve the maximum cleanliness. However, we understand that this can be cost prohibitive depending on the rug. So you’re likely wondering: How much does it cost to have my area rug cleaned? Although we can provide guidelines, an accurate estimate is best given on-site.

What types of rugs can we clean?

Wool Area Rugs

Silk Area Rugs

Cotton Area Rugs

Viscose Area Rugs

Nylon/Rayon Area Rugs

Sisal/Jute Area Rugs

Synthetic Area Rugs

Specialty Area Rugs

We are your best local area rug cleaning company. In home area rug cleaning and wash plant cleaning, we can clean your area rug.

We’re the experts at steaming your carpets and upholstery, but we also specialize in area rugs. Applying the same knowledge and best machines, we get the best results. See our reviews! With our help, a cleaner, healthier area rug is only a phone call away. Whether we clean your area rug on site or at our wash plant, the results never cease to amaze our clients.

Our area rug cleaning solutions are pet and child friendly, so never will you have to worry about harmful chemicals in your home. We have children and pets as well, so we understand.


Whether your rug is made out of fibers ranging from delicate silk to water-absorbent wool, all technicians are IICRC certified and trained in both carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning. Along with expected cleaning, we have a wealth restoration process for area rugs. Area rug cleaning involves a different cleaning process because area rugs are made of different fiber types than wall-to-wall carpeting and require special care. No matter if it’s your coffee table rug or your beloved family heirloom, we provide the kind of cleaning you never knew you needed!

Natural fiber rugs that can not be cleaned on-site and require a more intensive cleaning will be brought back to our facility. Rugs cleaned at our facility are treated with color stays and mild detergents then carefully hand washed. From food and juice stains, to pet and urine odor, we can help you get your rugs the cleanest possible. Here, they will undergo a complete restorative experience.

Take a look through our before and after photos and see that all of our work is the best work! If your rug is made of synthetic polyester, or delicate silk or jute blends, we’re the best call for the best results!




Area Rug and Carpet Wand

 Brush Pro with Wands

 Area Rug and Upholstery Brushes


How much does carpet cleaning cost?

When calling us, we are able to provide you an estimate based on the information you provide. An exact quote is only able to be given once our technician arrives and does an on-site inspection.

Do you clean pet urine?

Our company specializes in urine and odor treatment. We use UV lights to find and detect urine. We use powerful enzymes and other commercial products to eliminate the odor. We have decades of tried and true techniques on how to effectively treat and remove urine stains and odor.

Do you clean upholstery?

Our company specializes in cleaning upholstery. We clean Couches, Chairs, Sectionals, Mattresses, Headboards. There is no fabric limitation, we clean micro suede, wool, silk, velvet, or any other delicate material.

How long does the cleaning take?

The actual cleaning process takes approximately 20 minutes per room/area. The setup typically takes 10-20 minutes based on how close our truck-mount can get to your home. If you are not close to street parking, let our office know and we can send you a portable unit to clean areas above the second floor with the use of an elevator. Typically, we book appointments in two hour appointment windows, in which our Technicians send an estimated time of arrival to you once they are on the way!

Can you clean my apartment above the 2nd floor?

We use portable units as well as truck mounts allowing to clean any home or office anywhere. We are able to bring the unit into your home/hallway via the elevator. Please let our office know if you need a portable unit. Additionally, please ensure that parking is accessible to your unit or save a parking space for us prior to our arrival.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my appointment?

Please have your preferred contact method on and readily available so that we may call or text you once we arrive. During the walkthrough, you may point out any areas of concern to the technician. You may turn on any fans and open any windows to help with the dry time of your carpets.

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