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We are located just a few miles from Reseda and can clean your carpet with almost same day notice. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning covers all your cleaning needs including Area Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and wall to wall Carpet Cleaning. Many companies claim to pride themselves in customer satisfaction be we actually do and encourage you to read our reviews online. We know that your home is a special place that needs the utmost care and professionalism, which is why Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning provides the best technicians around to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs. We take great pride in providing you employees not sub-contractors.

Hot Water Extraction and Steam Cleaning

There are a few methods that carpets can be cleaned. Steam cleaning is by far the most common. We provide steam cleaning via truck mounted machines to ensure the cleanest carpet possible. We do also offer portable units when cleaning with a truck mount is not feasible. There is a trade off that happens around a few hundred feet where a portable becomes more effective than a truck mount. Examples would be carpet cleaning in an apartment building exceeding the 3rd or 4th floor. Its a well known fact that truck mounts get hotter and have more suction than a portable. However the further the hoses are ran, you experience heat dissipation and suction loss. Every link looses a little bit of suction and ever foot adds to the heat loss. There becomes a trade off point where it makes sense for both you and the technician to decide to clean your Reseda home with a portable as opposed to a truck mount. We will advise you the best method to use when doing your initial carpet cleaning inspection. We provide phone estimates and free on-site written quotes in Reseda.

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Carpet Cleaning with the Prochem Everest 650 HP

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning only uses the best new equipment in the industry to tackle the dirt and grime embedded in your carpet. Our fleet of truck mounted Prochem Everest 650 HP units are powered with 1.6L Hyundai engines which is the same equipment that construction companies who specialize in water damage restoration use. Why? Because it’s that powerful. When steam leaves our trucks, it’s 250 degrees or more. The result is quality carpet cleaning in Reseda, and all over Los Angeles, for the same low price as those other guys.

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