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How can you tell the difference between knowledgeable, quality carpet cleaning in Porter Ranch and the other guys? There are many ways in which Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning leaves the competition behind. One of the biggest ways, however, is how we handle pet stains and odors.

If pet stain and odor removal were easy, you’d do it yourself, right? Any professional will tell you that consumer cleaning products and techniques just aren’t enough to get deep into your carpet, break down those stains, and remove odors. One of the most important steps in our process is applying a professional-grade enzyme treatment. Enzymes modify the chemical composition of pet urine on a molecular level, disarming urine’s destructive acidity and loosening its hold on your carpet fibers.

Enzyme treatments work best when both heat and moisture are applied. Good thing we use new, high-grade steam equipment for all carpet cleaning in Porter Ranch, huh? Our equipment activates the enzyme treatment and speeds up the change in urine particles. Okay, so after all that steam, your carpets should be wet, right? Well, Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning does have industrial-grade fans that speed the drying process along. But, we also have a secret weapon that removes up to 35% more water than the other guys – the Water Claw. 

The Water Claw employs sub-surface extraction to remove water from both the carpet and the underlying pad, right from the surface – without any invasive techniques. This is the same equipment that’s used in professional flood restoration. These tools can be used by hand or mounted to our truck; they can be used to treat spots or go over an entire carpet. Either way, the result is stain-free, odor-free, beautifully-dry, and fluffy carpet in less time than you think. We are local to Porter Ranch & Carpet Cleaning is what we do best!

Porter Ranch Professionals, also known as, Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Technicians!

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning in Porter Ranch has the right tools for the job, as well as the skill to use those tools optimally. All of our technicians are properly trained in the art of pet stain and odor removal. In fact, it’s our specialty.

So if you’re looking for pet stain/odor removal and carpet cleaning in Porter Ranch, Call Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning today for a free estimate!

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