Natural and Organic Carpet cleaning in Valley Village. We use child, pet, and eco friendly products!

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Get the Best Value for Carpet Cleaning in Valley Village with LACC! 

If you are looking for the highest quality job with the best prices, you’ve found us! Exceptional value meets superior customer service when Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning services your home in Valley Village.

We know that a lot of time and preparation goes into getting your carpets cleaned. It is good to know that we do everything on our end to make sure you get the best possible results. We turn up the heat on every job and service our equipment daily. Given our company size, we are able to have a maintenance yard where all vans are serviced each day before they come to your home. We sacrifice the early wear of our equipment to give you the best results. We know that you could probably get someone to do the job for $100 with hot water but would you rather pay $110 and get 240+ degrees of steam? This is who we are, we give you quality above all else!

We offer a product called Procyon. It is soap free, odor free, no VOC, Hypoallergenic, no off gassing, non toxic. We use no chemicals inside while carpet cleaning in Valley Village. Our green carpet cleaning option keeps you and your children and pets safe during and after cleaning. This method is soap free so there is no residue left behind.  Our powerful truck mount seen above does the hard work. We use actual steam to clean along with Procyon to get deep into the carpet to remove all the embedded dirt.

Will All Stains be Removed?

Unfortunately we can not determine how effective our treatment will be on stains until after it is done. Carpet cleaning in Valley Village although somewhat of a science has many factors that change results. Age, amount, remedies used to try and clean are among the most important factors.  Factors such as the amount of coffee spilled on the carpet, red wine on the carpet, are also important as removing red wine from carpet is a specialty item. If you have coffee stains removed from carpet that you need done, make sure you mention this to us when calling.  We are local and provide the superior carpet cleaning in Valley Village than those other guys. Call today and we would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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