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Here are some of the most important parts of a Yelp review to consider when looking for carpet cleaning companies in Holmby Hills.

Overall Yelp Rating — The first thing you should look at on a carpet cleaning company’s page is their overall rating. Yelp combines all of the ratings it gets from trusted users into one snapshot number for you to see. 5 stars is the highest rating, so you should choose a company whose overall rating is as close to 5 stars as possible. 

The review Details — In addition to an overall rating, Yelp provides users with an exact breakdown of the reviews that went into that rating. Some companies try to hack Yelp’s unbiased review platform by paying users to write them positive reviews. These companies often have no negative reviews at all. Be suspicious of companies with only 5-star reviews.

Number of Reviews  — You should also look at the total number of reviews. A 5-star overall rating doesn’t mean much if there are only a handful of reviews for the company. Sure, the company may have half a dozen very satisfied customers, but the best companies have a proven, continuous track record for pleasing customers. Look for companies with at least 100 reviews.

Review Dates — Sometimes, when a company is just starting out, they hit a few snags in customer service that they then repair over time. The best way to get an idea of what kind of service you can expect right now, is by looking at the most recent reviews.

How to Use Yelp to Find Carpet Cleaning in Holmby Hills

How did people find the best carpet cleaning in Holmby Hills before the internet? They asked their friends, family, and neighbors, that’s how. Using third-party review sites like Yelp use that same strategy of getting unbiased opinons on a larger scale. That means you can get a better overall picture of a company, but only if you know how to decipher Yelp’s review system. 

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